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Every business starts with a small idea and a lot of dedication. As this small idea grows into something successful, there are numerous obstacles that try to get in its way. We have a responsibility as business owners to protect what we have worked so hard for. Putting a Buffalo NY business security system in place at your business is a perfect place to start.

Protection for commercial properties is set to a much higher standard than your average home.   The reasons are obvious.  Protect your investment, protect your product and protect the people that have made your business as successful as it is.  Because businesses come in all shapes and sizes, being able to create an alarm system that fits your needs is essential.   Direct Security, works with a small group of highly skilled technicians that know the ” in and outs” of this ever evolving security alarm industry.



Employee and Property Protection

Theft and Burglary Protection
  • Motion Detector
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Access Control
  • Live Monitoring


Fire & Smoke ProtectionVideo_Family_bullet_iPad_ACU_hi
  • Hard wired smoke/ fire alarms.  NO BATTERY TESTING!!  NO HASSEL!!
  • Live monitoring


Video Surveillance
  • Prevention of employee theft.
  • Apprehension of shoplifters .woman_with_card_reader
  • Harassment prevention.
  • Management tool for training and production review
  • Extra set of eyes allows for management to deal with the more
    important aspects of running a business.


Secure Wireless Communication/Cellular Backup
  • No phone lines or Cables.
  • No opportunity for tampering or damage.
  • Uninterrupted.